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Facebook Phishing email

This email looks like it could have come from Facebook.  It’s well formatted and faithfully reproduces the look and feel of an email from Facebook.  But closer inspection will reveal it to be a fake and a phishing email:

 - Take a look at the "from" email address - it's not from Facebook.

 - Note also the poor grammar - "5 friend request", which should be plural

 - Why just “hi”? if the email is from Facebook, they would know your name

 - The links of course don’t go to Facebook.  When you hover the mouse over the buttons or any other link in this phishing email, it will direct you to a completely different website.  It’s here where they will start to perform the scam.

And one final reaility check - was this email received via an email address that you use in conjunction with Facebook.  If it's not you can be sure that this is a phishing email



We constantly monitor for new sources of end user cyber attacks and phishing techniques.  Our threat intelligence updates, which are included in our end-user Cyber Security e-learning service,  provides continuous notification of end-user cyber threats.  Examples such as the Facebook phishing email above, are advised to you so that you can keep your organisation aware of current, specific threats. This ongoing process of education builds awareness and vigiliance throughout your organisation, creating a culture of cyber security awareness and maintaing your "human firewall"


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